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I'm so happy to hear a Dr. that's willing to say that! So many of them mindlessly believe what they're taught in school which in many cases is antiquated or outright false information. It warms my heart to hear that!

If you don't partake in marijuana already, try a THC tincture. Make sure it's full spectrum and isn't flavored. I had inflammation which I saw great improvement in when I started. CBD can work too, but it isn't as strong and the effects don't last as long, at least in my personal experience.

If you're easily addicted to things, stick with cbd.


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I hope we get one that explores a possible risk stratification for serious outcomes from covid-19 with varying intakes of added sugars (sucrose, fructose and high fructose corn syrup)

The average American consumes around 57 pounds of sweeteners per year. Added sugars including sucralose and aspartame have been found to be Pro-inflammatory and could very well take a large part of the blame for the covid-19 "cytokine storms" described in the literature.

>Fructose pathway involved in oxidative stress and inflammation. In the hepatocyte, fructose sugar is rapidly metabolized by KHK, depleting ATP and resulting in uric acid accumulation. Uric acid activates NADPH oxidase with production of ROS, which activates mitochondrial ROS production and stimulates UPR in ER. ER stress may also activate mitochondrial ROS production and vice versa. Moreover, ER stress contributes to progression of hepatic steatosis activating lipogenic genes via PERK, ATF4, and IRE1 and inducing SREBP-1c that increases the activity of ACC and FAS. As a response of excessive oxidative stress, inflammatory and apoptotic pathways are activated through JNK, NFkB, and CHOP, resulting in an increased production of cytokines (IL1ß, TNFa, IL19), which plays an important role in the development of NASH.