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The problem arises when you we start to get into who should be the arbiter of this decision. Again, you’re saying some people should be able to make a defense, and some shouldn’t. Although watching obviously guilty people form a defense can be repugnant, it would be more repugnant to see innocent people rail roaded by an unequal justice system.

We already have a justice system that can do exactly what you’re saying subliminally based on things like race, due to inherent biases. If you think adding more possible manipulation into the system would be a better thing, that’s where I strongly disagree.


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Remember when rocky ran down that area there was nothing there. Ironically, the population do the city was bigger in 1970, 1920 etc. I wonder what was a better quality of life, larger household and more overall open space, or smaller households and no where for people to live.


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I don’t consider gun owners to be enemies. I honestly don’t own guns, never felt the need to have one and wasn’t brought up around them. I’ve lived 40 years without ever having or feeling like I need a gun.

With that in mind, I believe it’s on responsible gun owners to want for our national situation with guns to be solved. It’s not a great position for normal people to be in where they have to basically defend what feels like a free for all for violent criminals. I don’t understand the logic of the rationale of a mindful gun owner that sees how we do things and the resulting culture of violence and crime and shrugs their shoulders like “na we shouldn’t change anything.” If guns were my thing and a part of my daily life, I think I’d be even more vocal about having more common sense. Instead of getting defensive, the true rightful gun people should get offensive and proactive, not drag their feet. That’s just my opinion.

Edit: I think responsible gun owners arguing against any new reform is the best case for banning all guns. If even the most responsible gun owners lack a rational thought process when it comes to these weapons, then maybe the cause is lost and the only solution should be no more guns. Like I said, I think it would behoove common sense, responsible gun owners to have a more pragmatic view on gun laws and possible reform, rather than just kicking and a screaming the moment it’s brought up.


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Then we are in agreement that private gun transfers need more regulation. It’s not really that hard to find a consensus when you’re obviously using common sense. Nobody is saying “take everyone’s gun,” “there should be no guns.” At least I’m not. My point was and is that we are ridiculous in the way we recklessly treat the distribution and transfer of our guns. Even worse is that the laws are different state to state. Illinois has tough gun laws? New Jersey too? No problem I can just take a 15 min ride to Indiana or Pennsylvania, problem solved. It’s just a dumb way to do things.


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The same constitution you mention about a speedy trial also gives defendants a right to build a case, even if there is video evidence. I don’t think you’re 100% wrong, but a system that judges it’s evidence and then determines what kind of trial to have based on that evidence would not be a good system overall.


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Faulty logic that undermines every law ever made. Murders don’t follow the murder laws, rapist don’t follow the rape laws, so I guess those laws are useless as well?

And the fact is, the largest worldwide studies conclude that some very simple, nationwide changes to gun laws have reduced gun violence in other countries by significant amounts.



None of the proposed laws would restrict would be gun owners from purchasing guns. Just like having to register your car and get a license doesn’t actually restrict people from owning and driving cars. What it does do is link people to their weapons and make them more responsible for what happens to their guns. Responsible gun owners don’t make straw purchases and they don’t “lose” their guns or have their house broken into and their guns “stolen.”


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Disagree. And even if you are right, the people today shouldn’t have so many guns if it’s the people that have changed.

There are close to 400,000,000 guns in this country. It’s far too easy for these teens and any other idiot to get their hands on guns and ammo. There is absolutely no common sense or mind for public safety in the ways we manufacture and distribute guns in America. A few very common sense measures would probably go a long way in reducing gun violence over time, but that would likely mean gun manufacturers would lose some money, and the NRA would lose some political influence, so we can’t have that.


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I was born and raised in philly in 1983, originally juniata Frankford and then far northeast. Spent a lot of time in other neighborhoods. The word obviously existed and still exists in the Philadelphia lexicon, but it certainly isn’t used enough in any real sense to be considered some gem of local vocabulary. It’s hardly used seriously outside of the deep inner city. That’s why someone using it in this way has most of the responses here as “cringe.”

You were born and raised here, so you recognize how it’s use has become somewhat unorganic, especially in this context.


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I rarely hear it used seriously. I don’t see it used seriously on Facebook, I don’t hear it used seriously on WIP sports talk radio and that would come from a wide range of callers from all different parts of the city. It’s def a philly word, it always has been. I just don’t really believe anyone from here would consider it a word to seriously name their business after. I mean someone has so what do I know?


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Well, in my experience it’s not the white Philadelphians who are using it, maybe the transplants pick it up but I don’t have many friends that came from outside of philly. For what it’s worth, I listen to sports talk radio just about everyday and I don’t recall many of the host or callers ever using it, no matter white or black, unless they are specifically talking about the word itself.


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Here’s my list:

I was born in mid 83, after the sixers won their title, so I don’t include that.

-85 flyers loss

-87 flyers loss

-93 Phillies loss

-97 flyers loss

-01 sixers loss

-05 eagles loss

-08 Phillies WIN

-09 Phillies loss

-2010 flyers loss

-2018 eagles WIN

-2022 Phillies loss

-2023 eagles loss