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The silver line was in the works for a long time before he became GM- not that I disagree with you, I have no complaints. But what things do you feel he's done well?

The only memorable things from his tenure I can think of have been the shutdowns on the green/yellow (and soon orange) lines, the problems with the 7000 series. That mass shooting at Eastern Market. And a lot of talk about fare evasion but no big changes so far. But I probably am forgetting some stuff.

I do appreciate that he's from Austin and that he rides the system himself and is likable. He's also low key attractive and fairly young which is cool.


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I don’t understand your gripe here— the taxpayers are benefitting from the miniature electronic world existing— that is no small benefit, and it is enjoyed in equal measure by everyone. We all get to live in a world with better technology. In my opinion that’s worth the small percentage of my income that went towards those efforts.

If you are upset that there are people or companies that are reaping more of the profits from those technologies, then that is a complaint against capitalism… not science/technology or government investment and support for these things.


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What makes you say that? Pretty much all research and experimentation on human life systems in space has come from ISS, not to mention that the only vehicles that have undergone enough development to be human rated exist purely because the ISS gave them a reason to.

People can talk about space tourism all they want but the real dollars come from government contracts— and the government has spent a lot of money to build and maintain the ISS, that money isn’t wasted— it was paid to the contractors and industries that have now matured to the point of being able to make their own decisions about investment in space (see: satellite internet constellations, and SpaceX starship). We wouldn’t have a mature private space industry or nearly as much knowledge about living and working in space as we do now without the ISS.


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Are we sure these are plum blossoms?

If you look closely the petals look like they have the characteristic “notch” at their tips rather than being rounded like a plum blossom.

The pic is kind of blurry but the few buds I could make out also look pointed (cherry) and not round (plum).

Any botanists out there?


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What’s weird about this case is that (if I’m reading it correctly) the culprit took one of the victims back to his own home (the perpetrators home, not the victim’s) in order to rape him and then the following day forced that same victim to drive to an ATM and withdraw $4000 which he took and then released the man.

What kind of criminal mastermind takes a victim who they plan to release back to the place where they live, and then puts them in the drivers seat to go to an ATM the next morning?

Did he not think that this person would obviously be able to lead the police right to him? I mean the victim knew his home address and exactly what he looked like. Did he think he was going to get away with it??

I feel sorry for the victims it sounds terrifying. Even more so because the culprit is low key good-looking so I could see myself swiping right on him. Don’t meet up with someone for the first time in a parking lot y’all, be careful


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A pretty rigorous meta analysis of RCT studies looking at psychotherapy recently concluded that therapy is around 70% effective in the treatment of depression.

Its worth a try for basically anyone who is diagnosed with depression, and it is even more likely to be effective when combined with medication. Don’t discourage people from seeking therapy please.


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>made the area less safe than when there were people regularly walking around.

Homeless people are people though. (??)

If the homeless encampments are there then there are probably people who live there that are walking around.

To be honest I don’t think that homeless encampments had much of an effect on the homicide rate, nor do they make an area inherently less safe— there’s no reason to be afraid of homeless people, they aren’t some boogeyman—they’re no more violent than the rest of us.

You may not like them aesthetically, but they are not dangerous. It’s not the homeless who are running around shooting each other over petty gang conflicts.


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The blue lights are so much worse in terms of how cold and harsh they make a street feel. The amber colored lights are warmer, softer and more welcoming. I believe this really has an impact on people’s mental health that inhabit these places.

Blue may be more environmentally friendly(?)— but at what cost? Can’t they make more efficient lighting that is still warm?