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You, but I still stand by the New York City option, unless you’ve already been and done things down there, and fire, someone who’s lived in Connecticut in the New Haven area all their life that’s just not as exciting as your on a budget then it makes sense if you want to just travel around here


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4 days seems like a lot for just New Haven. have you thought about a day in NYC? There’s a ton more to do, and easy to get to


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Well I’m glad they can draw in more, but Instill wish CT people would like hockey as much as they like uconn basketball, which seems to average 10k a game.

Big thing is hockey is not affordable, so a basketball has more of a reach.

I’d be interested to know how the whalers attendance would be if it were in maybe Stamford instead of Hartford

Looking at the 1990s, whalers attendance was abysmal…


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Yeah but all those places also have more space for sporting facilities, and have bigger metros in the area. Hartford is still low on that list of desirables areas to be. Also have you been to hartford? There’s really nothing going on, it always seems empty to me.

All the Canadian cities with NHL teams have much more to offer than hartford.

I started liking/watching hockey in 1996 as a kid, I didn’t even know hartford was a team, flipping channels I always got rangers games. Maybe it’s cause I grew up in southern CT? And my buddy who got me started on hockey kicked the Colorado avalanche as his team, and I think it was their first year being a team, vs hartford who has been in the NHL since 79?

My goal is to travel to every NHL rink to see my favorite team (the red wings) play. I’m at 19/32

I can tell you that each of those 19 cities I’ve been to are way more fun that Hartford, they have a great subway/public transport system/and care more about hockey

CT is more of a basketball state. Outside of the people I play adult league hockey with, no one I know is a hockey fan. College? Barley anyone I knew in 5 years there didn’t really watch. I work at a company with 100+ employees, don’t know everyone personally, but I know I’m the only hockey fan.


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Depending on what you can afford, I’d look at orange/Woodbridge. Excellent quiet towns bordering New Haven, with the best school system near New Haven

After those two north haven, Milford and Wallingford are also great towns.

All those are likely more $ than east haven tho. The east haven school system is not good


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Lmao I’m sorry you spent all this time making a comment no one cares about. Can you spend time doing ANYTHING else????

I’m saying I sun utter a complaint and it took them weeks to resolve. If I’m spending my money, and something so wrong, I expect the money back, or a fix.

CFA called my the next day to resolve the issue is all im saying. Superior customer service


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Everything about them is superior quality for fast food. Their customer service is always the best even though it’s a bunch of high school, kids, McDonald’s and Burger King and the rest have adults and they are way less friendly and make way more mistakes. I’ve also only had Chick-fil-A messed up my order, one time ever, and I was able to immediately get compensation for it. Whereas other companies where I’m constantly had problems it’s taken weeks to resolve.


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It’s a great classic burger, also very cheap. Anytime I go out west the first thing I do on the way to the hotel is stop and get a burger on the way. I was asked for the fries well done and it’s always best to get a double double with spread I think last time I went was last November, and it was all of seven dollars for fries, burger, and a drink, Shake shack while they have superior ingredients in higher quality, it’s sometimes $10 alone just for the burger.