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Concealed carry is legal in Pennsylvania and whether or not it was issued by the FBI is irrelevant because the Law Enforcement officers Safety Act of 2004 allows federal agents to have their firearms off duty.

Maybe try to do 2 minutes of googling before believing rage bait Instagram comments from nobodies? All the info is readily available on the FBI’s website.


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The BSL extension into the Navy Yard won’t increase ridership enough to qualify for federal funding aka it’s an even worse investment than KOP. If Roosevelt Blvd gets federal funding the cost for both could be similar for SEPTA even if the overall price tag is higher for Roosevelt


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This is the first comment under the article:

>This is just a UX messaging error. I am in the boat of owning an Apple TV and no other Apple devices. All I had to do was sign out of my iCloud account and sign back in. That presented the terms right on the TV screen. I accepted them, and the prompt no longer appears.


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You mean October/November. Since 2005 (excluding the 2020/21 covid Oscars) the only Best Picture winner released in December was The Shape of Water which came out commercially on December 1st but debuted in August at the Venice International Film Festival and had industry screenings throughout September, October, and November. December is far too late to release a movie for serious awards contention anymore.