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I mean the city was built on top of a swamp. I saw a map some where that showed all the old streams vs what’s left. And what was capped

Some one probably posted it (I didn’t read all the comment)

One day Philly will return to its original swamp lands . And we will be gone


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No one is going to Wawa on a weekly/bi weekly bases to go buy groceries, and if you are you a jabroni Get me a fresh bag a arugula and whole carrots, clove of garlic, oh and don’t forget the eggplant at Wawa. I’ll wait.

It’s a convenience store that sells hot food. It’s not a “grocery store “

Just because you can buy grocery items at some of the stores don’t make them grocery stores.

At least at target you can find a fully grocery sections With “most” produce and dairy options.

I’ll take 3lb of that “fresh” clams from cvs please

This list is trash. And they groups things that should be grouped in this list , like convenience store and pharmacy.