hawkxp71 t1_j9y6xki wrote

Usually the guest wifi is in a dmz, so joy there.

Also, you would have to be a pretty incompetent it team, to let any switch route any data from an unknown machine at a hospital.

I'm sure you could hack around and find a valid net mask and gateway, and then plug in with a static IP address, and hope they don't block you at the nearest switch.

I just think you would have to be computing locally without network access


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There is a difference between a natural tear and an episiotomy done to prevent that tear.

A preventative cut to expand the vagina, so the tearing and rupturing is controlled, has nothing to do with the "husband stich"

So I found this post very confusing.

If a woman ruptures during birth, should the doctor just say, oh well that's nature?

Extra/unnecessary medical procedures are illegal, just adding stitches on the hope/guess that it might make the vagina smaller, is illegal.

So what is the point of this post?