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I mean, just think about it. It's a few busses and one cop, pretty obvious it's a minor celebrity or public figure. Rich or important enough to afford a small police escort, not popular/rich enough to pay for a whole convoy.


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Doesn't address your main point, but just to throw out here as general advice, always get a second opinion until you find a garage you can trust.

My company uses owns heavy equipment and employs a mechanic who is excellent on passenger vehicles as well as heavy equipment. Any time I use a new garage, I thank them for their opinion then take it to him so he can verify (or not) that what the garage is legitimate.

I certainly understand that I have an option in him that most people don't have, but try to find someone trusted, a friend or at leadt a friend of a friend, who knows vehicles well enough to verify what a garage says. If you don't have anyone like that, at least take it to one or two different garages to see if the opinions match up.

If the garage is bullshitting you, a second garage won't match up with their opinions. Worst case, even if both tried to bullshit you, they'd list different items they claim you need.