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I pay $550/m for one of my cars and $232/m for the other. But I take home around $10k/m after withholdings and benefits and such (around $14k gross). I wouldn’t do this as a 20 year old at your income. Get a decent used car for cheap.


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That’s like two parts of South Ave. Most of Garwood is in the suburban areas on either side of South and north ave. It’s a blip. And largely a good thing unless you’re a NIMBY which is just selfish and dumb. But yeah, the vast majority of Garwood isn’t even in the same area as those developments and is all single family homes or some multi families.


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Yeah it’s so low brow and kitschy but it’s our guilty pleasure. The last time we went my wife was like 6 months pregnant lol. The rooms are what make it great but we go to the events and play the games too. As far as the rooms go, they are much nicer than most other similarly priced hotels. Having an en-suite pool is awesome.


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This is going to be controversial, but the favorite place for my wife and I is a couple’s resort in the Pocono’s called Cove Pocono Resorts. Totally cheesy in a lot of ways but the rooms we get have their own indoor pool and (heart shaped) hot tub. We love it there and have gone three times to their Cove Haven and Pocono Palace locations. It’s worth doing at least once.


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I took so many and then transferred to a therapeutic school where I had perfect attendance lol. But if you refused to go to school at the therapeutic school they’d literally come to your house. From middle school to 10th grade I missed an insane amount of school and was homeschooled or schooled in a treatment facility for probably 2 years between 6th and 10th grade. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety at 10 years old and bipolar 1 at 15 though so I legitimately needed mental health days.


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I’m a parent. 5 minutes to get a shot? Sure. But my sons aren’t watching shows until at least 2 and then maybe that will be for 45 minutes a day. My brother’s son isn’t even allowed to look at screens. 1 is too young for TV absent a good reason like a medical procedure.


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One of my 4 month olds will be glued to the TV if it’s on in the background or a phone screen if it’s in front of him. When they were younger I liked to have YouTube videos with music playing on the TV during the day but now we have to keep the TV off whenever they’re facing it. We don’t intend to give them any screen-time until they’re 2+ and it will be in accordance with available guidance.


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I have plastic litter box liners that tie up and go directly into a garbage bag. My cats sometimes scratch through the liner but it’s still easier to clean.


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This sounds like how I’d like to do things with my twins. I don’t want them to be repressed and weird, and I also think it’s important they are familiar with technology, but I don’t want to cross the line of giving them unfettered access or plopping a screen in front of them to just shut them up either.

Tbh I think the way my parents handled us wasn’t right either and I would spend hours and hours on video games but there were other games I think were appropriate too (Freddy Fish, Pajama Sam, for instance).


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It’s lazy parenting and I see it so much with Gen X and older millennials. My 40 y/o cousin gives her 8 year old daughter an iPad and old iPhone whenever she wants and even at restaurants just to keep her occupied. It’s just lazy parenting and we can all see how it negatively impacts the child.

I’m 29 and have two infant sons and my wife and I already decided that we aren’t giving them access to any electronics until they’re older and it will be heavily monitored.

My 31 year old brother and his 33 year old wife don’t even let their 8 month old look at screens at all, not even a TV. They’ll literally cover his eyes if they pass one. It’s excessive and I don’t agree with that level of restriction but I definitely agree with them that screen time for a child in any amount is harmful.