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Fair enough, and that's my point. I'm sure that all countries have propaganda machines in operation and exactly zero of those countries would be saying what they don't have and any other countries that are saying such things are saying so out of pure speculation and for propaganda reasons. I'm trying to imagine a western country discovering that China had made some sort of secret mega weapon. The daddy of all weapons, and the likelihood of that country telling it's population of the discovery.

Havana syndrome for example.


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Hmnn.. a good point ☝️ but 😂😂😂.

Isn't Russian connected by land to China? They (Russia) are the third and fourth (China) largest oil producers in the world. Both from within their own borders. The only current supplier of oil that would require a boat for delivery is from Brazil who supply only 6% of China's imported Oil (and possibly Angola). The rest are connected by land and easily accessible.

China's Top Providers of Imported Crude Oil

Saudi Arabia: US$39.9 billion (17.4% of China's crude oil imports)

Russia: $35.8 billion (15.6%)

Iraq: $23.5 billion (10.2%)

Oman: $20.2 billion (8.8%)

Angola: $17.3 billion (7.5%)

Kuwait: $14.1 billion (6.2%)

United Arab Emirates: $14 billion (6.1%)

Brazil: $13.8 billion (6%)


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You make the mistake of thinking military might is judged on the willingness to invade other countries and show what you have and profiteering off selling weapons that you make for yourselves to other countries. China dosn't do that as far as I know. It doesn't mean they don't make them, they maybe just keep them. THEY DONT GET INVOLVED IN THE UNSAVOURY BUISNESSES OF PROFITEERING FROM WAR. Unlike USA, France and the UK who have it as possibly one of the most profitable economic investments. It's just Dumb with a capital D to judge the capability of China from the blinkered standpoint of a western cultural value system. DUMB!

I learned today that the USA tested nuclear bombs on the bikini Islands after the war at a rate of one a day for 12 years. Do the math. Kinda makes me wonder what the countries that weren't causing the global warming shitshow we have today we're doing since 1946 in regards of technology and advancing weapons. Just cos you haven't seen them dosnt mean they don't exist. Not all country's are so keen to be warmongers and display there shit like ... Well... The west.


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🤣🤣🤣 you ever been in the army/navy/ air force?

Anyway.. back to the point in question which seems to be that USA great.. China weak..

Nothing going on with all those space rockets and things. It's just to get good photos for the internet. China don't have anything we should worry about after they split from the international space program. They just want to have a little gander on there own. Lmfao. Jeesssusfk people have nothing, have confidence in there government to PROtect them.. and are happy.


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Yea.. but tell that to GI fkn Joe who's confident of western superiority warfare. I dread to think what China have been playing around with that we have no fucking idea of because... We haven't seen it! WTF! That's just seriously dumb in my book. Look at how powerful Japan and Germany have become after "loosing the war" and having had a ban on becoming nuclear powers. If people think they've not invested in other as of yet unknown tech then I think they're very naive.


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You got any reliable links to your claims please.. I'm no military expert. You seem confident in USA superiority (I'd expect no different). However I think it's foolish to poopoo Chinas capabilities based on what you don't know they have. If you seriously think that "satellites are no good for coordinating real time combat" I suggest you go eMail Elon musk and the Ukrainian military and tell them they're on a loosing streak.


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Cheap and disposable yes, then just build another. It's a great way to keep your population employed. "Better things compared to the US" .. how about artificially built islands out in the ocean, with runways on? You almost make it sound like they live in paper houses, don't wear shoes and all paddle around in paddy fields.


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Who needs a competent invading military force when you got those big explodey things? You're right on with your points about America and it's lucrative involvement in continuous wars and China's focus being more insular than invasive other than economically. I think that the argument that my guns bigger than your gun becomes obsolete when both are holding enough explosives to wipe out all living existence of the planet. Which of course both do, many times over.


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One undeniable fact about China (and Japan) is they've always been very good at taking an invention from somewhere else tweaking it and churning them out at a fraction of the cost at a greater speed. (You seen those guys building a hospital)? "Operators" I agree with but they're not short of people but leaders is irrelevant if you've many many more of something than an enemy even if the few they have are superior crafts. Remembers Hitler 🤔. "Tech" you bet they have and things we haven't (as do we).