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Also to factor in is that they won't suddenly start shipping with different hardware. If I build a OS image for one model, I can order that model all around the world and deploy the same image without finding the NIC has changed and the drivers I've bundled don't work. They also will provide updates for bug fixes and security vulnerabilities in drivers and firmware. You're lucky to see more than a couple of bios updates with consumer level laptops.


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That makes it more impressive that 65% of HMS Trincomalee and over 95% of HMS Unicorn is still as it was launched 200 years ago (1817/1824). Obviously not taking into account years of active service and being maintained in sailing condition.


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If he decides you're being rescued you're being rescued. Try telling him you're not drowning...

Joking aside, assuming not every rescue is a full-on life or death situation, over a few years I could imagine one or more per day is possible.


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Looks a lot like the Fiat TwinAir with the integrated exhaust manifold in the block and the oil powered variable valve timing though I can't see if the timing is individually controlled. Extra cylinder in the Ford obviously!