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Sometimes it's both. Look this sounds really woo, I work in healthcare in Berkeley CA. I'm a childhood SA survivor. And in 2008-2012 I lived in Calistoga on Susan Boswicks ranch as her personal assistant, the founder of Berkleley Psyschic Institutes and attended the Santa Rosa BPI, I have an extended clairvoyant certification and a very successful private practice on the side of my main career. I have also co-run the Berkeley Essex Goddess Temple/Redwood Tubs for two decades.

I once had a deep soul reading done and was told I'd chosen to make childhood VERY hard for myself. Before birth, my soul made this choice, for the sake of vibrational/spiritual/human growth. One of my first memories of the angels I work with was them taking me from my body when I was assaulted by my moms boyfriend at age 5. It's also the first/only time I dissociated fully out of my body, and was a moment in which I incurred immeasurable brain and psychological damage. My first memories of angels are being on the table in heart surgery before that, I'm a congenital heart patient and had another heart surgery last year in april, the surgeries deepen my mediumship skills, and I'm able to help a LOT of people in my private clairvoyant practice. I don't have any reason to convince you or mind if you don't believe me, of course that's alright. But I think maybe for the matter of those who feel there is some connection between their intuition and their childhood trauma, for those who maybe feel spirit has healed them in immaginable ways no matter how far they have left to go, keep going, everything is energy, not everything is physical, we get one life, be as powerful and beautiful and present as you can be, every day we can become more whole and shine brighter regardless of the darkness we have had to pass through. There is a purpose in the growth of this world and humanity. And you are not alone.




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>>>EMDR is AMAZING for this. I had one traumatic experience as a kid, was SA'd by my moms boyfriend at 5. And I do emdr weekly with my therapist on the phone, while I watch the ball go back and forth on my laptop and do bilateral tapping on my head/body. It brings traumatic experiences from a 10 to a 0 in terms of distress, turns down how effected we are by triggers in daily life, helps with dissociation/getting back into our body, helps remove trapped emotions in the body, and offers divine perspective we couldnt see ourselves while untangling knots in the brain and actually scientifically rewiring our neurotransmitter pathways for new habits and thoughts. It aint easy, you have to physically, psychologically, and emotionally be in a safe enough place to literally step into and walk through the past, but if you can and have a good therapist you trust it is lifechanging. Also hot baths are great afterwards. A jog, you take a day for self care to rewire and then back to normal life until next session. Its one of the most advanced forms of therapy available, and one of the only for complex-ptsd. Helps my ocd a lot too. Sorry to interject just wanted to put that as an answer to the above question, because it is a specific answer.


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It blows my mind that anyone would put a newly born, vulnerable, developing brain in front of a computer/tablet/tv or anything. Stop having kids if you arent able to put in any conscious time or stay off of screens yourselves. We dont even know the long term consequences of this, we do have more mental health issues, and more violence, shootings and impulse problems in young adults these days.