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Not really that more efficient nor effective unless you add a relevant part done by foot plus delays. Buses are really bad and slow compared to taxis even in best scenarios.

Also disagree with the "recreating traffic" argument. More people would use public transportation thanks to mini buses with self driving.


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No need to own chatGPT just like there's no need to own Waymo cars. It's basically a service. And millions are able to use it right now (albeit maybe around 1 million because of licenses, not fully released yet for every user).

But, Cruise also exists.

Arizona, San Francisco...

As far as I can understand, it's around 1-3 million citizens having available an actual effective alternative to human drivers.

And if we count Tesla (I wouldn't, but it's still an impressive driving assistant) as self driving, we jump to dozens of millions very quickly.


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The impact of technology is measured in users, not in land size.

Weather isn't that good. It has rain (last weeks heavy rain). And driving conditions on Los Angeles is far from the best in the world, they're infamous for having a terrible traffic.

I don't have any issue with your mention of limitations of Waymo, but that's missing my point: how AI is impacting human lives (not land size). And when you discover that the main limitation of Waymo release is actually political licensing, well, even more surprising.


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"so what?" So Andorra and Vaticano are just trolling examples. We're talking about human drivers being replaced for AI drivers in cities as populated as whole countries.

Most capital cities are very well mapped in every modern country. Weather isn't that good and the only reason Waymo is still not available in other places is because of licensing, not because of technical capabilities. Waymo already has ability to handle storms or snow.

Anyway, you're the only one discussing here about Waymo being able to drive in extreme scenarios, I don't see the point or how it's related to the thread. chatGPT can only work where there's stable Internet as well lol. Tech has limitations by default.


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You must be a troll lol. Have you compared the populations of Los Angeles, San Francisco or Phoenix?

Edit: if you're lazy to check, Andorra has 80k population. Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix more than 1 million each. Probably around 5-7 million citizens together. Which is more than Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia... That have less than 6 million citizens per country.

So imagine a whole country like Finland/Denmark having self driving cars everywhere.


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Lol, to some people here (check replies to my comment) having 24x7 self driving cars without drivers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix in 2023 is nothing.

People are not understanding what it's happening. Literally robots replacing our driving skills NOW, not in the future, NOW, and people are like "yeah but it can't run in a Norwegian mountain yet". Lol.


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This subreddit lacks imagination as well, it's mostly fanboying OpenAI because chatGPT was the first, criticizing Google, Meta, etc... And being all the time "product over research!!!".

Fortunately some smart people wander these lands.

I am genuinely surprised that people are discovering AI now (in this community) when movies like Ex Machina or even Terminator were done ages ago.

Yes, AI will surpass humans. Yes, we will use technology to enhance our lives and intelligence. Human species without enhancements won't be productive to work in any job in a matter of decades.

Etc etc. It's all known.

But for example I don't see people in this subreddit acknowledging Waymo (or Cruise or even Tesla self driving AI). Waymo is directly changing people's lives and removing taxi jobs right now using an AI system able to ride as good as humans, and nobody gives a damn fuck, we all talk about a chatbot that can write Edgar Allan Poe poems nobody care about. Obviously biased.

Today's release of Llama is one of the most impressive feats in the last months, we'll see major effects of such event in through the year.