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I agree with you that criminals will always find guns. But we’re not talking about criminals are we. We’re talking about every day people selling guns illegally to criminals. And I’ll tell you…. some things should get regulated now. Because this whole generation of kids that’s growing up having to do active shooter drills, and scared for the life every day in school. Once they can vote, they are going to take away guns for sure.


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No because inside it is protected from the wind and elements. Osha has guidelines for thermostat setting and rules for Extreme weather situations, but not being inside while its not even cold enough for pipes to freeze.

She might be able to get a doctors note if she is really sensitive.


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They’re probably not published papers. Its called the National Defense University now. Its held about 6 different names, The Joint Intelligence College was one of them. It sounds like you know what his studies were about already, so you might be able to file a FOIA to get those records since he is a public figure now.


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Here is [a paper] (https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA420681.pdf)about what we could learn from the Kuwait War: https://www.cityandstatepa.com/politics/2022/05/doug-mastriano-wrote-us-military-should-not-hesitate-strike-locals-2002-academic-paper/366383/

And another about civilian control of the military


The only other things he is credited with is is war college analysis on Russia’s strategy in Eastern Europe. They are all listed on his Wikipedia page.


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Yeah in PA anyone still in high school needs working papers. Chic fil A can be franchised, so the owners might not have known.

Its a bit confusing because you need a job to get working papers. Lol once you get the job and they give you a schedule you take it to the school office and they issue you working papers. There is strict rules for what a minor can work in PA.

Not your fault at all. You would expect a big place like Chic Fil A would tell you what you need to work there legally.