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The exploits of mining specifically are far more broadly reaching than the interior of a mine or quarry where the worker is. It pollutes the land, air, and water in the community and that affects everyone in the area regardless of whether they work in the mine. Further, the guise of choice does a lot of heavy lifting in your query, when one may not be able to afford to live anywhere else; the community may not have other jobs, and saying nothing of underage children who don't have the luxury of 'choice.'

As such, you cannot limit the study simply to the people who 'choose' to work and live there, and the very premise of choice itself is flawed.

The same can be said for traffic congested areas.


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Ask your therapist/doctor about genetic testing to help identify medications or therapies that may be more or less likely to be helpful for you and your issue. The tests may help shed light on how your body processes chemicals in each medication. Some are metabolized quickly or slowly, others not well at all, which affects how well you respond to the medication and at dosages. There are variations for other conditions and medication types.

I've had severe depression many times in my life and tried upward of 20 medications with intolerable side effects. The genetic testing corroborated what I knew: most don't affect me like intended, so just don't. Don't bother prescribing ::gestures broadly:: those ones.

It doesn't tell you what will cure you, but it may help inform decisionmaking during conversations with your care team.


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This is insane! We have energy companies posting record profits - why is our government bailing them out by proxy?! This is a corporate grift.

Our government should stop providing tax incentives to such companies, and create regulation that prevents utilities from unnecessarily boosting prices to consumers (as it only lines their own pockets).