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I like to take I-90 eastbound and westbound because Highway 2 is steeper and I finished off a set of brakes once coming down off Stevens Pass going to Seattle. Highway 2 is the more scenic drive though in my opinion.

Even if you take 90 and then 97 (Blewett Pass), you can still hit Leavenworth, it's not that far from where 97 intersects with 2.


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Yeah, I always look now. Especially if my pharmacy hands me a different generic than one I've been taking. And eyedrops, it's going to be an expensive, reputable brand for me.

India is a huge part of the generic market. Maybe most of it, I haven't looked into it lately.

Edit: Just looking today two of the companies mentioned are located in Chennai, which is tropical. Somehow tropical India and medications just doesn't sound like a good mix to me.