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I’ve tried 6XX, Sundara and settled on Anandas for endgame. I find that they are better in every way to the 6XX except for that magic midrange. If I could transplant the warm luscious mids into the Anandas I would never consider buying another pair of cans. I guess that’s the price you pay for better resolution and soundstage.


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As someone who now has a pair of Hifiman Anandas as my daily driver and previously owned the 650s and fell in love with their sound. Are the clears good enough to warrant their price if I miss my 650s or would the 6XX be good enough to scratch the itch every once in a while.


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Just wanted to chime in from personal experience going from the 650s->sundara->anandas the sundara gave me a great glimpse into what good planars can do but I really didn’t consider them a complete upgrade from the 650s like the anandas. Mainly in terms of bass separation and overall soundstage. The Sundaras would certainly be a great compliment to the 650s though.