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the latest data suggest that e cigs are just as toxic and life taking as reg. cigs. I knew a narciss. PD who smoked an e cig. I asked him for the scientific stats which showed e-cigs were safer than reg. cigs. He got angry, as predicted.

It's fun to tweek the NPD around here. It's predictable as night following day. and they are oblivious to it.


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This is not what we know is the case. Here, the saloons in the 19th C. Were largely owned by the Irish. So I find the assertion here not only historically dubious, but not supportive of what we call Irish Whiskey, either. The Irish have so many slang words for Hooch, is yet another reason not to believe such above stories about some of my ancestors.

And sure, laddie, we have NO pubs in All of Ireland to this day!! Not in Dooblin, sure. (hic!)

Human beings drink. The Irish are humans, ergo.....


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The original boofers. It's a fast way to get drugs into the system and we sometimes use it in medicine when IV/PO meds can't be used. Or as we used to say, is it friend, or Enema?

It's very, very dangerous, tho, as the EtOH is absorbed very rapidly and can cause terminal events. 8 oz. of steel beer by mouth is safe. But from the other end can cause real troubles.

The higher the EtOH blood levels the more liver damage, too.


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There is NO empirical evidence existing or real that Ganymede has liquid water. Prove that it does, which cannot at this time. Empiricists consider the facts, and learn more. But we know suppositions compared to empirically tested and confirmed truths. Anything else is hardly en pointe to understanding events.


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Luna more originally. Moon is English and was not here until very recently, Selene is the Greek name for the earth's sole moon, Luna is Latin, thus Lundi (Monday), Marti, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche.

Engish uses the Deutsch gods for days of week. Francais and Espagnol day names are very similar.

People need to get outside of their personal cultural mindsets now and then. The whole world and much larger Universe is NOT English. & surely not Americain,


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Mercury is soid rock. the gases beingt blow away by strong solar wind and radiations.

If we get rid of the gases on ganymede, like a large furry dog which got it's hair clipped not much would be left.

Merc is rocky, Ganymede is gassy. There is no empirical, rational comparison. Mercury is WAY denser than Ganymede. Besides 'gany fooled around with Jove.


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The key is saying something which cannot be possibly tested, geologically.

Also, plate tectonics is complex systems of all those plates interacting . That's not possible to understand very well.

So writin such is like sayin today an asteroid in 25K yrs. will crash on the earth in a precise place and time of day. As Wittgenstein 100 years ago would say, "meaningless."



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