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I’m in the field. 8% is probably a generous estimate. I’d guess 5% is closer, but it’s easy to fudge numbers by including tangential business fields. One of my friend’s wife describes herself as “being in AI” because she’s on the sales team for the AI group. You could probably get close to 25-40% depending on how much you want to fudge.


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>Think of the short time window that a person is a teen and now cram two or more kids in that window while STILL not knowing where babies come from. people really believe that modern teens don't know how babies are made?


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Huh? Science is a tool, not a ascetic priesthood. Businesses are historically one of if not THE greatest utilizers and drivers of science. Claiming otherwise requires a ridiculous amount of gatekeeping as to what constitutes “real” science, and that just makes one sound like a bitter mathematician who gets angry because someone figured out a real-world application for a “pure” theoretical model.