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Too many to name, but Bad Boys, Meet the Parents, Happy Gilmore, 40 year old virgin, Cable Guy, Something about mary, etc. Pretty much every Judd Apatow movie on the 2000s is in there as well. I'm also a gigantic Todd Phillips fan. Even his lesser work like School of Scoundrels is wildly funny to me. Road Trip, Old School, Starsky and Hutch, The Hangover, etc are classics that I can watch non stop.


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This to me is the game changer that will make Apple or whoever figures this out infinitely rich. If someone can build a wearable that can do blood pressure monitoring, which shouldn't be hard considering there's already wrist devices, and blood sugar monitoring they'll be infinitely rich.


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I'm not someone who gets attached to many TV shows, but Happy Endings getting canceled absolutely crushed me. I legit remember being sophomore in college when I got the news and was so bummed. Genuinely one of the best ensemble comedies of the last 20 years and I really thought it had the potential to be the next Friends. Ever since then I've been rooting for Damon Wayans but his choices haven't been the best.


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I never said the caregivers were to blame only. It's a systemic and foundational issue. I'm sure like any job you're given shit sandwiches, but the staff at many of these facilities signed up for a job to take care of someone. I'm not saying this is an indictment on you as a caregiver, but my grandmother has had two strokes and recovered at two separate facilities and the same problems with the staff exists. It's one thing if you're understaffed and you can't clean someone up in a timely manner. I get that there's only so much you can do with 4 or 5 CNA's for an entire facility. That's a facility/industry issue. It's another thing if two separate facilities have the same issues with talking shit about residents right outside their door, showing attitude towards residents, actively mocking residents, etc. I get its a shit situation to be into, but that's the job you and these other caregivers signed up for. I agree we have to pay more to get the good caregivers like you in there and get the bad ones out.


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A lot of those facilities are fucked man. My grandmother was in one for like 4 months to recover from a stroke and the facility was so understaffed and the staff treated the patients like shit. My grandmother told me one of her roommates soiled herself and literally was there with the shit in her depends for an hour and a half. I can just imagine how careless these Alzheimer facilities are where they know they can fuck with these patients and sadly many of these elderly people don't have a lot of family visiting them consistently to check in on them like I did with my grandmother. All of these neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, ALS, Dementia, etc should be given billions in funding from the government. We have to find better treatments or a miracle cure.


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I never really liked Garden State. Some of it is a bit too pretentious to me and that has plagued all of Zach Braffs movies and I have iffy opinions on how he funded his second movie, but you can tell right away Garden State is a movie that he poured his heart and soul into it. It has that raw feeling to it. I can appreciate his first two features for that. You can tell they're super personal pieces of work for him.


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Fight Club is ok, but even as a 8 year old kid when I first watched it I thought it was overhyped. I think the theme of the movie and the message is so in your face and hamfisted it makes the movie feel like a parody in certain parts. And at no point in the movie even after re-watching it multiple times do I think they pull off the twist. I don't think in any of the prior scenes Fincher does a good enough job to convince anyone that the narrator has a split personality. There's actually scenes like the car crash scene where there has to be two people involved in it. I think the direction is really good and I do like the performances, although I think Norton put out better movies around that time with People vs Larry Flynt, Primal Fear, and American History X.


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My favorite movie of all time is a tie between Halloween and the Thing but those are pretty much universally loved. The one movie that I've seen probably no joke about a thousand times is The Faculty. Easily my favorite of the teen horror movies of the late 90s. It's so quotable, the characters are so good, and the homages are fucking spectacular. From Dusk Til Dawn is amazing and you can tell Tarantino wrote the first half because the movie gets interesting once they get into the bar and leave the silly sociopathic shit in the first half alone.


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Jim Carrey attempts at drama after that movie were never as good, but fuck man, Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are such good performances. That ending scene with him and Winslet is so real that now that I'm an adult and have been through relationships and drama it hits so fucking different.


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Tremors is one of those movies that really only could've found success in the era it came out. That's a movie that absolutely bombed at the box offie but made most of its money through the home video market and through TV appearances. If it wasn't for that movie getting replayed constantly on TV I would've never known it existed or become a huge fan.


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Albert Fish is one of those serial killers where the shit he did was so heinous that I don't think any movie should be made about him. Homie straight up kidnapped young children, tortured them, raped them, and then killed and ate them. Easily the most fucked up serial killer I've ever seen.


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Yeah supposedly it's based on comics but I never read them. I found out literally the other day what the comic was based on and it led me down a youtube rabbit hole on the theories. It's obviously probably full of shit, but the stories are super interesting. There was a movie made about the theories but it's pretty horrible, although I liked the Men in black design.


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No because moviegoers don't go and see those movies. Northman came out this year and bombed. There's been original IP made that was really good and people don't see it. That's why Horror movies like Smile and Barbarian are now getting studios to start investing more money and release dates onto original horror IP. When people show up for a big original action movie or science fiction movie more will be made.


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I mean all the stuff you're naming has existed since the 30s. As a matter of a fact in the 30s, 40s, 50,s etc they'd remake movies literally a few years after the first movie came out. Also Idk what the last part of your paragraph is about. With the Little Mermaid specifically, they didn't just go hey we're casting a black girl in the lead. They did blind casting and went with the girl that was best for the role as it should be. Ariel is not a set-in-stone white character. Do some movie execs pander too much, sure, but I'd prefer that over the media we had 25 years ago like Friends which didn't have one minority cast member or even background workers and it's set in fucking New York.