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It’s a shit show here too. I worked in the field for over a decade and got out because I was tired of being gaslit about COLAs/how racist and toxic it can be. The people that thrive in this industry are generally a certain type of privileged person who has a partner that is bringing in the money. People stay at their jobs for decades. He’s not going to have an easier time here unfortunately. One of my pals has similar qualifications, graduated at the top of her class, and only got a full time position after six years.


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Adams Morgan Animal Hospital is great. When it’s not busy the vet techs love to pop in to give my cat love and treats to reinforce a positive (pawsitive?) experience with the vet office. One time we made an emergency visit but the problem resolved itself on the way, so they checked her over to be sure and let us go for free. I love everyone that works there.

If you’re in a bind, there’s an emergency vet on M in West End. They’re also great and took excellent care of us.


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It would be cruel to the animal to brush out those mats. The neighbor didn’t take care of her fur and now has to deal with the consequences. If the owner can’t continue to take care of her fur, then shaving may be a new regular occurrence.