hic_maneo t1_jcfvw23 wrote

I feel the exact same way. Last thing I want to do at an airport is jockey with all the other people hailing Ubers trying to figure out which one is mine or why “my” car hasn’t moved in 15min. The free-for-all isn’t innovation, it’s chaos for chaos’ sake. I’d much rather go to the taxi stand and just get a car in under 5min.


hic_maneo t1_jc2259e wrote

Last week on the trolley there was a couple up front vaping together (I was at the end of the car so I didn't smell anything). Driver did nothing about it. I was very disappointed 'cause I've gone from ridding the El every day to riding the trolley just to avoid the second-hand smoke. So, it can happen, but at least for now it's notably rare.