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Yeah I know… so let’s start incentivizing a lot more it now so that we have an influx of them in 8-9 years.

We can also do things like promoting psychologists to receive extra training and even to encourage some to go all the way so we can bring some more in 4 years.

Then how about encouraging psychiatrists to come from other cities to bring some in immediately?

Of course these solutions have issues but we need to be doing something and simply neglecting to address the issue and pretend it’s solved by not allowing people to receive the care they need is only gonna make more problems for us, like it already is


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Huh that’s interesting. I wonder if the husband was actually abusive and the mother went back to Ohio for whatever reason or that was a delusion that she created in her mind and thus prevented her from returning with them

People have been saying she’s mostly around the upper east side so there’s a chance you might run into her eventually judging by how long this has been going on


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Yep, I’ve seen it happen to my uncle. Got to the point where he threatened me. And that’s from a guy that used to spend a lot of time with me. It’s really heartbreaking to see that shit happen.

A line that really made me sad in her posts was about how she went to her high school reunion and how when people would talk to her eventually they’d “look over her shoulder and leave”


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Oh nice! I’m glad to hear the part about her being beaten to death wasn’t true. Although now that I think of it ig she never explicitly said the man killed her, only remaking that he had severely beaten her and then remarking on her passing shortly afterwards which lead me to the wrong deduction. That still makes me wanna infer if he ever did actually get to them after moving to NYC or not though

But yeah, it’s extremely depressing to know that we have so little options for people like this and that more likely than not she’ll be left with her own disturbed thoughts


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So this really intrigued me and some friends. We started digging, found some other similar posts and notes that people had gotten from seemingly the same lady. It goes back as far as about 13-15 years. We were able to find out her name and her Facebook page which has similar ramblings that have allowed us to piece together a bit of a story.

The basic gist is that she used to live in Ohio but moved to NYC with her mother and brothers seemingly to escape their abusive father. They attended a catholic school, but as it seems they were Jewish she was bullied quite a lot. On top of that some sort of conspiracy with the priests being pedophiles was discovered by her, which she makes seem like her brothers were victims of. She tried to fight this and expose it but was instead framed as crazy. Eventually her father found them and beat the mother to death, which she seems to think the brothers allowed to happen. The two brothers were noted as becoming g rich from Catholic charities and somehow from the mothers death (my guess is selling her stuff) but she was left behind. To me it seems like she was abandoned on account of being crazy

She was homeless for about 15 years after her mother died going in and out of shelters and other peoples homes, some of which were people she knew from High School. This is right around when the first writings were posted online by people she gave them to. Over the years she seems to have fallen deeper and deeper into her mental illness, expedited by conspiracy theories and other crazy political notions. She makes mention of the Italian Mafia hanging around on of the places she frequently stays at as well as their being an overarching catholic pseudo mob of police, Italians, etc. it seems she went to the cops herself many times to no avail

She is clearly a deeply disturbed individual, and while it was interesting to investigate her story and thoughts, it leaves one with a bitter feeling. This woman needs help, much more than is available in this country, and I’m certain she’s not the only one