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that's why he'll need a lawyer to help find anything hidden.

My friend is a divorce lawyer in NY and he always says people try to hide finances from others which is a giant mistake. The one thing judges hate more then anything in a divorce is someone trying to hide money.

I'd at least pay for a consultation to see about the laws in your state dealing with divorce. For example the 25y they were together the retirement money might be considered joint property to split.

If he has concrete examples of what is his and what isn't then maybe they can split things without spending a lot of money on lawyers and battling.


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You might have used too large of a nap on the roller so it applied too much paint.


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You were married. It doesn't matter in most states if she made a majority of the savings without you also working she wouldn't have those savings anyway.

Most men who are bread winners get raked over the coals in divorce but the ones like you refuse to get their share. Go talk to a divorce lawyer and get whats yours.