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I’ve had consolidated communications “business class” fiber for two years and it’s been awesome. No downtime and consistent speeds. I’d have no hesitation to try out Fidium based on my experience with their business fiber product.


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That doesn’t sound right but who knows. I can barely remember it. I had a college friend that was a PhD student at Boston University and he loved the place and we’d go there when I went to visit him.


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This reminds me of a bagel shop in Malden Mass that existed 20-25 years ago (no idea what happened to it after that, but that was the last time I went).

It was started by a dude that immigrated from Australia. He was aboriginal Australian and a trained brain surgeon but he had some kind of vision of healing America through love and bagels.

His bagels were in the shape of a heart.


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My brother in law used to be like that. He claimed he “didn’t like organic food”.

Dude, it’s a fucking carrot. If I didn’t tell you it was organic then you’d eat it without complaint.


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So my deed has restrictions on livestock from when it was subdivided.

I asked my real estate lawyer neighbor about it but he basically said “I can’t give you legal advice but I don’t care if you have chickens — in fact I might get some myself”.

Unless you have a neighbor that 1) knows about the covenants and 2) is an asshole nothing will happen.


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I literally saw a bus load of Canadian shoppers stop at the Hannaford in Brewer while I was grocery shopping one time.

Before the mall really went to hell, there would be multiple bus tours of shoppers from Canada in Bangor every week. Some would actually make a stop at a grocery store.


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Canadians used to come by the bus load to shop at the Bangor Mall and at the nearby plaza with Kohls and Old Navy. the Bangor Mall is a ghost town now. I’d go to the outlets in Freeport and the Maine Mail in South Portland if you’re planning a shopping trip to Maine.


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You should read the text. It’s about the last ice age.

Downeast Maine has some famous geological features related to the ice age. I took a geology of Maine course about 20 years ago. We had to do field studies in and around Cherryfield. Not long after that i was watching a program about the ice age on the discovery channel and they visited the Cherryfield area.


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I went to Arches thanksgiving week a few years ago and it was AWESOME. Absolutely no crowds and temps in the mid 50s. Perfect hiking. No waiting at the entrance station. No problem finding parking at popular spots.

Went to Joshua Tree thanksgiving last year and it was really busy (but it still didn’t seem that bad compared to Acadia in summer) so unfortunately that strategy didn’t translate to another park.


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The state of Utah spent millions of dollars a year for years promoting their national parks until visitations exploded (Zion is pretty insane now, as is Arches which now requires timed entry reservations during peak visitation times).

All the while their state government kept passing bills asking the federal government to turn over all federal land to state or private owners.


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Yeah, this isn’t a real thing anymore.

A group of people were pushing for this decades ago and it never gained traction. A small group still wants it, but it has next to no support.

Eventually Roxanne Quimby (one of the backers of this) gave up and put her money and effort behind a much more modest and realistic goal that became Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.