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OMG. The survey. One bad survey from a customer who is mad about the product or wait time - things beyond your control - destroys your chances of any decent merit increase at end of year. Will metrics require 95% positive just to be the “meets expectations”, you need 19 other extremely positive reviews just to offset it. And at least 10 more to be considered “exceeds”.

And you bet no one ever goes the extra mile for that customer or prioritizes their emergency ever again. If they can make the customer’s ticket disappear into a black hole, they will.


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Pharmacists in the U.S. put up a legal moat. They have to be PharmDs.

Never mind that computers can cross-check for problems between medicarions that are contraindicated.

Never mind that in Australia, you only need a specialty bachelor, exam, and one-year paid internship.

Never mind that in Taiwan, doctors can have their nurses dispense many medicines and you can also go to a store without prescription and pick up many kinds of medicines (except stuff like painkillers above acetaminophen or ibuprofen in strength).

There likely can be legal moats put in place to hold.


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