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ppl make up words and excuses to explain feelings they don't understand that most likely have nothing to do with grinding or the excuse they give in the first place. like 'outdated' or 'arbitrary' just means don't want to learn/think/read and or hate a challenge. it becomes an ego thing. they can't for whatever reason admit that something isnt for them cause they are scared of being called or admitting they are bad or dumb.


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Then a boss appears that you can't button mash and make a post about accessibility in games.

Then you try out a mp pvp game only to get destroyed cause all you know how to do is button mash and call every good player a tryhard and bad game even though you're trying just hard but just suck.

Then you go back and play an older game that requires more thinking and puzzles and say it didn't age well because you got lost or stuck even though it was beaten by kids when it released


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mmos are dead. its for ppl who have nothing else to do and or get addicted alongside sunkcost fallacy.

dark and darker you can't beat the end boss as solo or maybe you can but it's basically impossible. I really hope dark and darker doesnt get casualized anytime soon, the last game that wasnt casualized that I know of was rust, but then of course it happens eventually.


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it's a casual sim/strategy game where you can conquer other civs or do some diplomacy run. it can be played solo so you can save and exit out at anytime but it's just addicting to do 1 more thing because you only need 1 more turn to finish a building but then you get addicted to just go 1 more turn.


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I'm not that knowledgeable with sound, but from the basic research I did I just ended up getting sehnheisers 560s on sale for $100. best headphones I have had. check the "RTINGS" website > headphones > tools > Graph and look at frequencies. do you want more bass or treble? In the end you can just download and mess around with equalizers as well.

My noob philosophy is getting a close to equal base sound for all the frequency levels then just using equalizer which is what the sehnheiser 560s gets pretty close too factoring in the cheapest price/deals as well.



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yes i only beat them a few years ago having them as a kid but never fully beat them. it's an rpg game, ppl have always hated on turn based combat and any similar. heard those types of complaints all the time from cod/fps players despite how good or 'classic' a game/genre they don't like is.

the combat isnt bad, you que your abilities with strategy during the fight and how you approach it (say you want to start by throwing bombs or planting some mines), switch to your companions who are a different class and can do different things, have a buffer companion, 'utility', high damage comp or whatever you want.

the characters/companions are fun. different dialogue options and different path depending on if you are 'good' or 'bad'. the philosophy goes 'deeper' more so in kotor 2 with whats really 'good' or 'bad' with some 'grey' jedis who can join your party with both games.


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female characters have always looked cooler to me since they are slim and agile, plus the added not so common in irl (it is common in media) enjoyment factor is a thing.

female characters in the end are always loved or seen as 'badass' when they also fight. yuroichi from bleach is an example, aqua from kingdom hearts.

for fighting games the agile ones are usually the female characters. I have mostly picked female characters in fighting games.

I never create a female character though unless forced.


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you sadly missed a civ building steam sale which the tab alone helps in finding games.

ill recommend rimworld, against the storm, anno, kingdom two crowns, kenshi, warhammer 2

look into modded campaigns for fallout 3/4/new vegas, skyrim etc.

just browse sales and pick games you like, try new things, get gamepass.

I'm playing through ff13 with modded graphics and my mp games i'm playing terraria modded, risk of rain 2. there are too many games to play, I have gamepass but I havent even started a lot of them.


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Maybe you lose focus because you haven't studied what to actually do in team fights. The basics in pubs is to go for the Squishies first but that also requires your team to be knowledgeable as well which is why I quit team based games.


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Because those mp games are made to be easy to get into. Single player games require some sort of commitment/effort.

The reasoning can be based on many factors like say maybe those games mentioned above conditioned you to have a shorter 'attention span' or maybe you're just tired and really want to take a break or maybe you'd prefer something like a steam deck to play on the bed/couch.

in the end just start the game and 'take the first step' which is the hardest as the saying goes and applies to pretty much everything. Once you start it's likely you'll be immersed again.