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When you've got guys putting in for overtime they never worked, it's the same as stealing.

Or my new favorite, how the MTA is missing millions of dollars in car parts. As if the employees didn't take them home or the mechanics didn't use them to repair their own cars or their friends cars. They just can't find thousands of parts.


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No. Unions are corrupt because the people who work for them are corrupt.

If murder was legal, do you know how many murders I'd commit? None. Because I don't want to murder anyone. Saying people behave in a manner which they do because a system allows it is a copout. When union employees are out bowling or fishing when they should be at work and collecting six figure overtime paychecks for it, it's because they are criminal assholes, not because the system allows it.


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Two months ago I would have been surprised it was that low. However, as I have been applying for jobs in NYC, I see more and more jobs requiring you to be in the office at least 3 days a week. I just told a recruiter "No" to a job that requires 5 days a week in the office. I told him "Do they know it's 2023? Who is asking for 5 days a week in the office for a tech job?"


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Not really. In positions like that, it's about decision making. The people who work for you provide you all of the information they can about a particular issue, or issues, and you use that information to make decisions.

If she was in management in the NYFD for almost a decade, she knows what the problems are and what needs to be addressed. What she needs from the people who work for her and suggestions as to how best to address those issues. From her speech, it doesn't look like she is getting that support.