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Anyone else notice that the MTA NEVER takes responsibility for these things? It's always a contractor error. Well as someone who is responsible for overseeing contractors, I can tell you that it actually requires work to make sure your contractors/vendors are doing what you are paying them to do.

Again, someone, probably several people at the MTA should lose their job(s), but no one will be held accountable.


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I hear you.

A friend of mine moved to Pompano Beach during COVID and decided to stay there. He was like "This place isn't so bad". Then a few weeks later he told me guy in the house next to him put up a big "FUCK BIDEN" sign in his front yard. He's like "I have to drive past it every day. What kind of person puts that sign up?"


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Thanks man.

No offense, but as cool as this place sounds, I would never move to Florida. Years ago, when Disney was first building Celebration, Florida I almost bought a home. Now, Florida has become way too crazy for me. Too much pro-Trump there. I have some friends who moved to the Tampa and West Palm Beach areas back in the 90s and they are like "I thought I'd stay here forever, but now I don't know." They are all close to 60 like me. Kids are out of the house, or almost out, and they really don't want to pack up and move at this age.

Even before Florida became Trump-Land, it was a little too crazy for me.


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I read this story and immediately looked at home prices in this community. My question: Are the homes that expensive because of their location? Like are similar homes in neighboring communities going for that much, or are the homes that expensive because of all the sustainable solutions incorporated into the design of the community?

Note: I think all new developments should be built following this model, and tailored for the local environment.


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We all know what the NYPD will say. They will deny they are doing anything wrong. Or they will say it was just a few officers and this is not policy and they are sending the officers for additional training.

Then some PBA rep will scream about how things like this are why officers are quitting and they can't get enough new recruits, blah, blah, blah.

All bullshit.