hlessi_newt t1_ixsf5h0 wrote

This has been driving me to yell at the screen every time i see the ads on the rare occasion i subject myself to tv.

Why. In all the of the insane moves of the us healthcare industry do I need an rx for a mail in colon cancer screening test. What, are people becoming addicted to taking a shit in a box and sending it in? Will I be supporting an awful trend of hopeless addicts taking a dump in their minivans while their children watch on in horror?

I can take a shit in a box and send it to who ever i want! (probably. i did not actually research the repercussions to sending poo in the mail) But if i want to send it to a company that is expecting shit in a box and will do something constructive with it At My Request, I need a doctor to give me permission.