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Actually, before I decided to launch a global version of our backpack, we produced the local version and sold it to local customers and got good feedback from them. I know this product won't be for the masses, but there are parents who are willing to spend this amount of money to get their kids a good product. A great stepping stone makes me more believe that global customers will welcome our product too.


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The major backpack brands in the world are literally like hundreds of years ahead of us. However, the improvement is continuous, with different purposes requiring different features on the product. While other big brands only focus on designing products for adults, a backpack for children that has to carry a lot of accessories on the shoulder is not much attention. And this is the direction we are headed.


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Well, actually, before I opened a backpack store or designed my own, I had a collection of backpack brands from around the world. I really love the innovative designs and great experience that these products bring.


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I actually planned this before I quit my job completely. As mentioned, I have started to open stores selling backpacks of major brands in the world. When the income from there was enough for me to prepare for my project, I started switching to part-time work and gradually full-time before my office officially opened.


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Thanks for the question. We always wanted to create a versatile product for kids, with a modular, lightweight and ergonomic design. Jansport does not have any ergonomic products to my knowledge. We are a new brand, we try our best to one day be as big as jansport and provide more value to our users.