hoch_ t1_j27bfj8 wrote

There is a pretty much perfect workaround.

Set Night Shift to "Scheduled"

Tap on the "From/To" menu, from there select "Custom Schedule"

Pick a time when you will almost never be using your phone, in this case using 4am as an example:

"Turn On": 4:00 AM "Turn Off" 3:59 AM

It's a shame there isn't a setting for it, but this works just as well.


hoch_ t1_iuqxq1x wrote

Sidebar : I will vouch for ketamine or more specifically methoxetamine (MXE) treatment (synthetic ketamine). I've seen two people seemingly erase bipolar depression with MXE. Clearly there is something happening there.

I would trust MXE more than ketamine because it can't result in total dissociation (K-hole) and still leaves one present and aware of time and surroundings.

EDIT: not saying K/M-hole is a medical treatment that anyone would receive. Just saying that one is different and potentially more useful than the other