hocohappy OP t1_ivygdi6 wrote

Thank you for posting this. I just read this and was about to post too. It appears to be a counterpoint of sorts, I suppose.

This piece basically just smears the author without covering the main issue at hand: the CA board is a mess.

The blogger ‘defends’ her friend but the blog barely covers the utter ineptitude of the CA board.

She also pulls in the Rouse Project for a smearing, which has literally nothing to do with the almost-evil ineptness of the board—except that the people involved with the RP were trying to run against these ethically-ambiguous, doddering old white folks.

Like, feel free smear shit everywhere if you want to, blogger-lady, but maybe you should cover actual issues too.

Edited to add: someone DMed me to say that this blogger is paid by inner arbor. What a goddamned mess.


hocohappy t1_iuj81m1 wrote

There are a few different things in action here.

The CA Board could really function well if the people on it understood what their roles are supposed to be.

The CA Board has had ethics problems for years that are still unresolved—this is really quite unfortunate. Most of us would agree that ethics are important for people in leadership.

Demonizing the Rouse Project was clearly white supremacy at work. There are no longer any POC on the board, are there? For a community as diverse as Columbia, it is shocking that there are no POC on the board. There are also mostly older white men. How can they understand the priorities of their constituents without the lived experience of even raising children in this day and age?

Anyway, I watched the meeting the other day on the livestream and I almost posted to encourage others to watch because people should know what shenanigans these folks are up to.

The Merriweather Post guy is very generous. I think these folks are just completely out of touch and need to let Ms. Boyd get the job done. She’s the right person for this job, and it would be a damn shame if these old cranks ran her out of town.