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For me it was a DV case, she was a danger to me and my new wife as well as our pets, by being a danger to us she effectively lost her rights to be anywhere near us… she was order to stay away at least 1000 feet and wasn’t allowed back in the home except to collect her belongings with the police there.


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You’re getting scammed… NEVER pay somebody to leave.

Call the police, tell them your feel threatened and unsafe with them there and demand a no contact order as you feel they may harm you. That’s a quick way to have somebody forcibly removed without any of the hassle of an eviction. Been there done that after my ex wife over stayed her welcome and nearly killed my cat.


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Get a lawyer, file a request for dash and body cam footage of the incident.

If you can catch a cop in a lie you have a good chance of them dropping all charges. Better yet, if you catch a cop in a lie it brings doubt about all the previous cases they’ve been a part of..


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Beyond current capabilities? That’s one of the most daft things I’ve read in this thread.

If the materials we needed existed in sufficient quantities building such a structure would be relatively easy. We have factories that pump out literally BILLIONS OF MILES of fiber, rope, wire, pipes, tubing, etc.. 24x7 every single day.


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It’s open more often than not, closures are generally due to accidents or avalanche control and normally don’t last too long. Give yourself some extra time just in case and be sure to keep water, snacks, and a warm jacket and or blanket with you in case you need to wait a few hours. You might also plan on possible alternate routes. Lots of folks detour over stevens pass(highway 2) when 90 closes…. If you have traction tires and or chains it’s not a bad way to go.


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Victors coffee in Redmond is one of our favorites.

The Ethiopian smells and tastes like blueberries. It’s amazingly fruity.

We go for their bread pudding and usually pick up a couple of pounds of beans while there.


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Unless the owner finally died I wouldn’t eat there. That old codger repeatedly refused to spend the money on cleaning up the bakery…

We’ve gotten sick eating there twice and finally stopped going 3-4 years ago after an event where the older blonde lady repeatedly handled money then touched donuts with her bare hands.

When reporting our illnesses to the health department the second time around the gal taking the report made mention that we weren’t the only folks to call in about it that time around, so it wasn’t an isolated event.


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I grew up poor and I didn’t turn to a life of crime. Neither did most of my friends.. the ones that did turn to crime did it because they weren’t good people and were angry at the world.

Being poor doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t make you steal, it doesn’t make you sell drugs, it doesn’t make you murder people… it only makes you go without the things you can’t afford.

Please stop making excuses for bad people who do bad things, people like you are why the streets are run amok with junkies and criminals. They need to be held responsible for their actions and put away where they can’t cause further harm to society.