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Me and my wife were super disappointed when we tried out this place. The food tastes just OK, definitely caters more to a western palate, and is really expensive for what you're getting.

For better food, our top 3 Chinese places around Columbia/EC are:

  • Pepper House for really authentic and really delicious noodles.
  • Tea Horse for Sichuan food. Red Pepper Sichuan Bistro in Towson (same owner) has nearly the same menu, might be just bit better, but is a significantly further drive.
  • Nanxiang Express always hits the spot for Flushing-take-out-style soup dumplings, breakfast dimsum dishes, and some Shanghainese dishes.

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Just like plenty of religions and cults, the day-to-day stuff that individual practitioners do is usually very innocent, positive, hard to criticize. On its surface, Falun Gong is just a group that encourages spirituality, meditation exercises, and some basic philosophical ideas of morality.

It's the Leadership/Organization that's usually the problem, using the power and support they've gathered to further to spread their shitty politics. In this case, what started as just some pseudo-intellectual wanting to spread his ramblings evolved into a group with millions of followers at one point.

The group did garner a lot of worldwide sympathy after the Chinese government cracked down on them HARD in the 90s... being victims of religious persecution surely helped their image in the eyes of the public. But in the end, they're just another damn religious cult.


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Eattini Thai in Ellicott City has lots of vegetarian options, and is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. I highly recommend their chive cakes appetizer.

Mango Grove is a really great Indian restaurant, has lots of both Vegetarian and Vegan choices.

Regionale has more limited options (just 3 vegetarian sandwiches), but they're all super tasty. I'm also in love with their house-made chips.