hokumjokum t1_iudpom5 wrote

I get you 100%. It’s like consciously deciding to leave the party early - why would I do that?!

Anxiety is my earliest memory and can remember being anxious in ‘normal’ situations my whole life, but I don’t get panic attacks in the supermarket or anything. I was also diagnosed with ADHD this year at 32yo. You ever thought about that?

ADHD shouldn’t really have ‘attention’ in the name; it’s actually a disorder of self-regulation, a part of which means we lack the executive function to get up and do the thing we know we should. Procrastination is a hallmark trait of ADHD, and anxiety is super common too.


hokumjokum t1_iudp95r wrote

I’ve pretty much always worked part time and never in a well-paid position, despite good qualifications, because of anxiety and ADHD, mainly. I always felt like a failure.

Now in my mid 30s I kind of massively value my low earning but low pressure lifestyle, and now wonder if the anxiety and adhd would be even worse if I did the 40+ hour corporate grind thing.

(Should say I lived with my parents until 30 and now live in a nice but inexpensive place)