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Because there’s a difference between delinquency and ADHD. There should also be tiers of parking tickets, like a flagrant violation of parking on the sidewalk or in front of a hydrant, vs an expired meter. I’d maybe agree with you on flagrant violations, but disagree on simple meter violations. I’m also including camera tickets like red lights and speeding in my counting.


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Right on, could have just replied to their comment and made it all clear 🤷‍♂️ Anyhow, I don’t blame people too hard for not understanding DC uses the USAO and not a DA, probably took me 8 years to figure out after moving here. I do however notice an influx of right wing comments lately, not to call out the other person as necessarily right wing.


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I second this comment. There are a few of these old complexes that have a light grey exterior with balconies, and they’re all cinder block construction with good sound dampening. Look at Crystal Plaza, Crystal Towers, the Buchanan, and any others that look similar. Possibly Crystal House too, but I’m not certain, they have a brick facade so I don’t know if they were built the same way. Just note, there’s significant demolition/construction on 20th and 23rd st near Crystal Drive for the next year at least probably. I make electronic music and haven’t had a complaint that I know of.