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Cut the cord. Your parents need to live within their means. Open your owe bank account. If you chose to give them or loan them money it goes like this. They ask. You decide if you want to. You hand them the money. No dipping into your account. Get your own phone. If you are on a family plan you share is much less than $100, unless you call it rent plus phone.

>My parents aren't poor

Tell your mom you are opening a separate account where you can save money for your future (wedding, house, life, etc). They will have to figure their own money management.


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Back in the day the only way to find out about stock prices was either working with a stock broker or reading the news paper after the market closed. So bonds was all most people could easily get. That's why grandma had bonds. You could buy them at the bank.

It's different today. People have more options. A good portfolio will include a little of everything.


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How much money have you saved for the car purchase?

If you buy a used car take it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase once-over. Even if you are buying from a dealer. Make sure you compare what you are buying to other cars of the same year, model, mileage. Test drive the cars you are interested in. This includes driving slow, fast, on the freeway, making turns, going in reverse. If you have to take along a salesperson have then be quiet so you can listen to the car. Don't let them blather about how wonderful the car is. Notice whether the car pulls to the left or right (with hands barely on the steering wheel). Brake hard. accelerate hard.

Do not buy extras. That's where dealers make their money. No extra warranty, no extra coatings, no rust proofing. You will be pressured and have to say no about 50 times. If they get too annoying start to leave. They hate losing a sale.


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Figure out how to cut your hair yourself, have your partner cut it, change your hairstyle of something else. Quite the fancy coffees and date nights. (picnic, movies, board games, bubble bath together) You cannot afford subscriptions and since you have a partner you can cut back on seeing friends and social life that costs money. No need to worry about your social life. All these friends will be history when you move out of the country.

Bottom line you need to cut your expenses. In each category you need to trim. If you are moving in 6 months stop paying extra on your car as you will be selling it in a few months.


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If the mother's car was insured any one she loans the car to is also insured. The insurance follows the car, not the driver. Mother's insurance needs to handle this.

My daughter totaled my car. My car was insured and Allstate paid. I loaned my car to my daughter, which is totally fine.