hornhead71 t1_iu6nrtm wrote

Had dinner with my SO at The Mantu last night around 6. First time there. Place was empty. We asked for water and were given warm bottles of water from Kroger.

Started with the Chapli Kebob, which was supposed to be garnished with 'shredded potatoes'. It was french fries. The tofu patties were good though. Covered in undercooked vegetables and french fries didn't reflect the $15 price though.

We split the Vegan Mantu and Kachaloo E Dashi. The mantu was not bad, but the vegetables were undercooked and the kidney beans weren't the best. The Kachaloo was supposed to be 'organic potatoes' but they reminded us of canned potatoes. Also garnished with undercooked vegetables.

For most of our meal our server was having a speaker-phone conversation directly behind us.

Wouldn't recommend. Not worth the $50 we spent.

No other diners the whole time we were there.