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It's "explain it like I am five," not "provide me with the various national blueprints that the US could adopt."

I am aware not every other nation adopts a single payer system, or adopts a single payer that outlaws private healthcare at the same time. But for someone who has no fucking clue what any of that means, I feel I provided I decent starting point.


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US Healthcare - every job offers some form of healthcare. No one has any leverage. The healthcare is shitty. It's a million stitched together independent hospitals, non-profits, doctors, etc.

Everywhere else - the government is the ONLY provider of healthcare, and it covers EVERYONE.

Therefore, the government sets the price points, there is no worrying about what plan you have or if your provider is "in network," you simply... have affordable healthcare covered for the most part by taxes.

The side benefit of this is that jobs become more competitive - in the US, you can't leave your job if you need the healthcare it provides, AND jobs have to provide good healthcare to lure good workers. Everywhere else, if you could find a better job, you can go take it without interrupting your healthcare plan, making the job market for employees better through increased competition.


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The standard thinking among academics is actually different - that the Treaty of Versailles was EITHER far too harsh OR far too lenient.

They needed to either choose to not build resentment and not load up punishing reparations, OR they needed to go much much further and make it literally impossible for Germany to have rebuilt at all, probably including standing troop contingents for a a decade or so.

They instead chose the middle ground, which was the worst of both worlds.


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Haute cuisine prices the two ravioli with a lettuce leaf as a full meal though, so trying to buffet style haute cuisine both defeats the point and would be ruinously expensive. It really is something that should only be for people to self select into, like when they chose to go to a restaurant focusing on that style. Otherwise it's just a recipe for a bunch of hangry guests.


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This wasn't a fuck-up, this was a wake up call. It was caught early enough to change and adapt, so this was a good thing. Your fiancé is right, it needs to change.

Change caterers - you have time. And yes, if I were a guest and you served me some minimalist artisanal nonsense that left me wondering when the main course was going to arrive I would be pissed too. Your fiancé is right, I would judge the ever loving shit out of you both.


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I find when I am not bored and paying attention, I default to my phone or computer. This prevents me from picking up a book instead. I have to consciously think about it, but once I do start I am still an avid reader. I just have to avoid falling into my usual habits.


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Read what makes you happy. Anyone who says differently is full of shit. Enjoy those teen novels if they are what bring you joy. Adult life is so draining mindless teen fiction can frankly be a delightful palate cleanser. A little mindless escapism is exactly what people need a lot of the time.


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It's not meant to scare you...

WWZ is a phenomenal book, not because it is "scary" but because the author is PHENOMENAL at envisioning a world infested by zombies and recounting it though flawed narrators.

It's a masterpiece that wasn't setting out to accomplish what you were looking for is all.


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I love Sanderson's novels, but I have a hot take ready for you here -

Read what you enjoy reading.

If you don't wanna finish it, put it down and pick up something else that sparks joy! No worries if book three that is a massive tome isn't your thing. Rather than slog through it, find something delightful. Maybe you will come back to it later, maybe you won't. Both are okay.


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That sucks, but it sounds like drinking to excess is not the norm for you, and you took full responsibility and cleaned it up yourself once you were cognizant.

I agree this is a fuckup, and you might have to buy some apology flowers and new bench (I doubt your wife will ever sit on it again lol), but overall this seems like a relatively minor blip. No big yellow or red relationship flags on either side, congrats on such a healthy relationship!

Now drink some water, buy some bleach, and then go back to sleep lol


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? I could not care less about your outfit, I didn't even look at it, but how is this a fuck-up?

If you are capable of laughing at yourself and play it up in good fun then this sounds like a hilarious night with a bunch of girls and a hilarious story in the making. Plus it lends itself nicely to challenging them to a rematch.

It's only a fuck-up if you run in as fast as possible, order the wings, eat them while cowering in corner with the least light, then GTFO.

Bring the girls, barge in saying "HOWDY BOYS" and strut to the bar, order your wings like a boss while fluttering your eyelashes at every man and woman in sight, be as ridiculous as possible, roll with the punches, and it will be a night of legends.

I'm annoyed just reading your post, this isn't a fuckup this is an opportunity.