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So a bunch of metal medallions melted into a single clump but a plastic flag survived completely unscathed. Lmao okay, I call bullshit. Not only that but they found it after months of floating around in the ocean. Can’t find a plane but can find a flag in a bag. Obviously the thing Americans bow down to everyday survived.


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It says what the top comment in this thread said, like quite literally in the first 2 sentences. They said they didn’t invent Santa Clause but helped shape it. Taking a bunch of regional ideas and putting it into one character and because it was nation wide advertising that idea spread everywhere.


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>The majority of wire run through conduit (think commercial electrical applications) is all stranded, not solid.

As a commercial electrician I can promise you this absolutely isn’t true. 99% of the time it is solid. Far easier to terminate solid in a panel then stranded. The only time stranded is really used is when you have to because the wire size is 8awg or larger and it’s only stranded at that point.


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The debris field is still there. They moved enough rubble for the highway and train tracks and that’s it.

aerial view

You can hike through it and so many of the boulders are house sized that climbers have bouldering routes up them. It’s really interesting to see in person. It’s pretty much half a mountain of debris. And for those that only look at titles, this occurred in the middle of the night when everybody was sleeping.


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You know what, good. Unlike the salty Americans in this thread, that’s a good thing. Look how much was accomplished with the space race against Russia. Despite what people in this thread apparently think, China has caught up very fast in the past couple decades. It was a country of mules being used to farm when the US first went to space, a cart was the main form of transportation in the 80s still.

Russia has pretty much become pointless, and the more countries in space sending out orbiters, rovers, cameras, doing scientific studies, the better it is for everybody who enjoys space. Competition is always good and the US has been pretty stagnant the past decade or so. If it weren’t for SpaceX then China would currently be ahead of the US.