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And it isolated New England for a stretch. The only long distance route in or out operable was the B&M main line to Portland. Significant freight including all milk all siphoned to one albeit major line all while rebuilding (at least what wasn’t left) the rest of the system. All was done in a manner of weeks. There are some great narratives from RR in that time


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there are two "close" schools for the deaf. one in Beverley, the other in Framingham. With two other kids a daily trip to those would not be realistic from Billerica - we'd much rather move to be closer if we go that route.

not just asking reddit and nothing else. Professionals generally don't bad mouth school districts they are required to work with in a professional setting. that is left for the internet


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yes you can bring in all of the lawyers you want - but on principal some districts are more accommodating to IEP's that others. Unfortunately that is just the way it is.

We are prepare to fight every step of the way - but if you tell me it will be much simpler in City A vs City B why wouldn't we strongly consider moving?