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I donated to the earthquake victims in Turkey through the Islamic Center on Rt 20 in Wayland ( or maybe it’s Weston). I am not sure they are still collecting but it’s worth a call. So many people left with nothing.


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Why doesn't this shock me. Go out and about or watch the news daily - no matter your age or where you live - America's mental health is at a breaking point. Look at how politicians act and all the divisiveness out there -hostility in the parking lot of your grocery store - entertainment networks calling themselves news stations and spewing venom and untruths - it's a cesspool

Lots of chaos everywhere you turn - no wonder the kids are depressed or confused -

Until we get back to respecting one another and everyone's uniqueness nothing is going to change. Just my 2 cents


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You are very kind and thoughtful. By your example maybe this young man will one day be able to do the same and "pay it forward". I don't live in the area so I am of no help but I am sending my best to you both


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lol - I think you just described all the major highways of CT - how about rt 84 thru Hartford - most times of the day - Hartford to Waterbury is a bit better with the new lanes but not too much - New Haven where 91 and 95 merge - 95 along the shore all summer

The merritt - New Haven to Greenwich both ways - is there ever a good time ? Sunday mornings maybe at 7 am. And even worse since covid. People have had it so they become part of the problem ! WFH - its safer !!


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It has been said - although I cannot verify - that Yale also offers some type of financial incentives to certain retail/ restaurants businesses etc in the city as they are anne iTunes also for the the university.


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Merry Christmas❤️ Go to the restaurant reservation site - open table - and input your location - it will show you some open restaurants /if you don’t want to eat out you can get something good to go. Someone mentioned walgreens or cvs are sometimes open. You can get Stouffer’s frozen meals like lasagne - that’s pretty good !! Then for activities : Movies are also an option - some theaters are open. A nice walk and a movie maybe? Tackle a project etc. Also restaurants in hotels are open too.