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If you do not want to ditch the car, have you looked into Hackensack? There are some newer apartments and there are lots of places to eat. You're not too far from the city.

If you choose to ditch the car, look into Jersey City. Hoboken and JC are crazy expensive for paying for a parking spot. I lived in Hoboken and I didn't pay for a parking spot but spent way too much time searching for a spot. Prices are way more expensive now but 5 years ago I had a 2 bedroom in Hoboken for 2400. I did sell my car at one point and missed the freedom of it.


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I was waiting to cross the street near the outlets and on the other side was this perfect looking blonde family. Crossing their path was this probably homeless drugged up looking man. Just as the family realized they should probably not cross the street at that time, the guy vomits all over the street. They were rightfully horrified. It was like it happened in slow motion.


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Depends where you work. Outside of NY some towns people do not have a car like Jersey City and Hoboken. Fairly easy to commute to NY if you were there. You can get other places in NJ through train or bus. I lived in Hoboken and in the summer took a train to the beach. You can rent a car too. You can get to places through transit but be prepared for transfers. Again it all really depends where you think you will get a job.


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I never had luck with calling. You wait and wait and then they offer a call back, only to call hours later when I am busy.

I've had success with email. I usually get a response within 1-2 days. Just be as detailed as possible. This was was so much less stressful.


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The secret is to go to the one in Salem. My husband had to go in Covid times and it was the only appointment we could get that wasn’t a month away. He said no one was there and the worker was pretty nice. We send his friends there too and they never have issues. I’m in Atlantic county so it’s not exactly close.


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I have around 10-15. I prefer to keep the Target ones. I usually hoard them in the closet and take them all down at once. I do forget a lot and since I have toddler twins, it is not worth me running up the stairs to get bags. So sometimes it does increase. In the beginning, I had like 30 because I kept forgetting.