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Separate reply because don't want to taint that hopefully helpful video for y'all.

Yeah. I get their jobs are tough (Edit: see below), being as I have ridden along with my BIL police officer, and my brother's tales of his police work, but respect of suspects needs to be a thing, no matter how pissed off you are. What's worse is I can't know if this is taught to be this brutal and awful to others, or if they are just off the hinge and shouldn't have been police officers in the first place.

Edit: So the thing was more pointing to the fact that the tough jobs they do (and it is, do not think otherwise) causes stresses, and therefore anger, and therefore anger management issues, and therefore raging beatings and such ensue. Potentially, because it could be they are just assholes looking for a job that lets them be the true assholes they are. But anyway, the former was all I meant. That they were allowing rage to control them and that's wrong, obviously. Beyond that, shitting on my poor choice of words and assuming something else it pretty bad form, but that's reddit for you. Buncha Conan the Grammarians about, y'all need a new hobby. :p


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All of the Reeve's Superman movies need this. The effects, while amazing at the time, are super dated. That said, probably not enough bucks involved to do it. Thing has to sell, and I'm not sure a revamp of these movies will do it. And they're classics, things of their eras, especially the first one. Really don't want to spoil it in my opinion. It's still pretty amazing. That entire helicopter scene...

So I'm in the pen of 'leave them alone', mostly. George wanted to polish his Star Wars nest eggs, because control freak, and could, so he did. That of all movies, Star Trek: The Motion Picture got not one but TWO Director's Editions, both making more VFX shots, the latter in 4k(!) among other changes (sounds, cuts/adds of scenes/dialog) is just astounding to me. That one. Two special cuts. How and whut. Star Trek Fans are Powerful Indeed? shrugs All I know is I was and am here for it, that movie's kinda special to me.

OOH. The Black Hole. That one could use your sprucing up, that's for sure. Love that stupid movie RIGHT UP to the end parts. Little slow, but hey, not bad for a first shot at a Sci Fi Live Action movie from Disney, and some of those effects still hold up! Just need to come up with another ending... I get the idea, but c'mon.

Anyway. Most movies can probably use a bit of sprucin'. But unless it has a way to be monetized, it's just not going to happen. And in the case of your HP example, it's just not enough bang for any bucks sent along. I would be surprised if enough HP fans would actually buy HP8 just for the few minutes we're talking about.

I say leave them alone... with grand exceptions because there's always exceptions. BvS and ZSJL come to mind. Similar to TMP, studio screwin' with it (different reasons of course) and the edits that were supposed to be in the theaters (as far as I'm concerned) wind up being much better. Well, to me anyway, there's quite a few who will still disagree, and that's fine, but that Snyder got to get the 'right ones he meant to make' out is still a good thing, you ask me.

Edit: just thought of TRON. Man. That one could use some vfx editing help for sure.

Edit2: Aw, man. The Last Starfighter. Could you imagine?


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Later on, I reply.. :)

I totally get what you're saying. But you didn't see my list of 'options', which really aren't when you get down to it. Blues, Grays and Reds. White and black are really gray scale colors, so it's more like 5 grays, 3 blues and 2 reds. Which is woeful.

I totally get the reasons and all that but c'mon. Mustang's more exciting than that paltry list of color options.


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Today you get 10. 3 blues, 3 grays, 2 reds, a black and a white.

Some variety. Although if you went to the Probe-E version, you get 8 colors: 2 grays, 2 blues, and one each white, black, red and orange woo hoo.

Thank you impatient buying public and the box store format for pushing 'what's on the lot' so generic it is. :p

/Go buy a wrap I suppose? Or maybe pay hella lot to paint it...


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I like your thought process, truly!

But the reality is even in very very LEO, the amount of actual space means it'd have to be a literal cloud of material up there to block enough solar energy. And that would actually be worse as while you're reflecting the energy, you're also creating a blanket and we make plenty enough heat down here already.

Your idea has merit, but the semi-better idea kicked around in that regard is to make a more 'permanent' cloud or such at LaGrange point 1, always in between the Sun and the Earth, permanently (until we decide to remove/reduce it) blocking the amount of solar energy to ease the warming issue. There's no additional blanket of material to keep energy in, so the Earth cools naturally over decades. Yes, decades.

But then, people would just use the opportunity to make even further ways to warm up the Earth, then we'd send more stuff to block sun, and it's then a runaway situation where we wind up actually causing an ice age...

Meaning at the end, we just should fix it right, today, on the 'ground' if you will, and not use tricks elsewhere we'll just screw it up with anyway because humans, amirite?

Also, astronomers won't like it, all that junk already gets in the way and they don't want it to be a thing (Starlink, OneWeb, etc), so there's that.