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The Nazis were obsessed with snow white and Hitler said it was one of his favorite movies. Snow white came out in 1937 so like having seven dwarves was probably something everyone joked about the way we used too with anchorman.


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My parents are narcissists. They do it because they enjoy hurting those they have power over. They create a false image of the child and a PR campaign of the child being a wild psychopath to Garner sympathy for having to deal with such an evil child. Meanwhile they bully and abuse the child and record the ensuing screams of a terrified, confused and emotionally abandoned child as evidence.

I survived, many do not.


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Isn't this concidered the primary reason Stalin died? He had a stroke and a couple hours later Beria was called in to check on him, as the guards knew better than to disturb Stalin but also knew something was wrong. When Beria arrived Stalin was still alive but because Stalin had gone on a paranoid tirade and had most of the doctors in Moscow arrested and killed/sent to the gulag there were no doctors (or anyone willing to admit to being a doctor) left in the city.


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I guess im talking about Atlantis being real the way Mordor is real today. If we went back to Greece in 600BC and sat around on a saterday night listening to folks tell stories I bet if you brought up Atlantis they would be like 'I know that place, with the three rings? Home of posidon?'


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The illiad and the odyssey are only two of six parts of the epic, the remaining four having been lost to history. Remember a 'dark age' does not mean a decline in progress but a loss of that knowledge most likely to purges by an invader. In this example 2400 years from now we have return of the Jedi and the last Jedi as our only extant volumes and the fan fic being the most commonly disseminated piece of literature. Atlantis is the new order, just one of several major antagonist factions presented in the entire narrative.


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Pre Plato everything operated upon a verbal tradition. Plato himself while a pioneer of literature was highly critical of the written text saying doctors would stop learning medicine and instead just work out of a book.