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I think it’s been about that for awhile. But some of the times they know who it is. They just have absolutely no fucking case. No evidence or witnesses gets you pretty much fucking nowhere. Shit. You have a witness who says he is about to testify that Jake from Statefarm murdered someone. Then that person ends up dead. Then you got no case.


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First. You have to come to the realization that we as a group. Need to find the ones who can never take care of themselves regardless of sobriety and some form of structure and take them off the street. Nobody has a right to be homeless within 100miles of the ocean. Sure some regular people are homeless who have jobs. They have a streak of bad luck. They are just trying to make it one more day but if you can’t make it in LA. There is always Fresno. Too expensive to live in Fresno there is always Sgt. Bluff, Iowa.

We need sanatoriums again but this time without the torture and murder. They don’t need to be in the most expensive zip codes in the state of California. But only for the people in the state of California who are residents. You were shipped here on a bus from Tennessee 3 yrs ago or Nevada or Arizona. Send them back, don’t like that. Well California needs to stop taking care of other states homeless. We already subsidize these places economically in other ways.

Once the craziest and unable and the not from here homeless are taken care of. The state can go about trying to help those that are able to be helped. But 70% of these homeless are just not able to do anything for themselves and we’re paying for it financially and emotionally and we need to get something more permanent done.


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CTE has similar compulsory issues, seems to spread onto all areas of things that socially humans generally find taboo.

While AB was exposing himself to others for reaction or at least acknowledged that others were around.

Aaron Hernandez would watch porn and jerkoff in the lock room next to teammates like they were not even there. So obviously super similar but like he was like in a bubble of his own consciousness and not acknowledge those around him.

CTE is fucking weird. I actually worry about it affecting my life. I have had a lot of serious concussions. Hopefully I can keep it all regulated later in life.


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Serial Flashing is a really really common trait among those with mental illness. These people are not commonly dangerous, but they need to be sometimes medicated to not give into compulsion and compulsive behaviors. Go ahead and just google serial flasher (btw Primo is already a serial flasher. I’m gonna go with minimum 8 incidents by the end).

Serial flashing just doesn’t stop. You don’t just oh I grew up and I’m gonna get better. It’s somewhat sexual but not in the Im horny phase. It’s not about sexual gratification for your self and someone else to share. They want you to be weird about it. Even put off. Like for instance Louis C.K. who is also an exhibitionist but in a slightly different but similar vain. Nobody is enjoying it but him. Nobody is really partaking in it. They just have to deal with it. It’s unwanted and it’s gross.

Without heavy intervention of medication and therapy. This dude isn’t gonna be able to stop a compulsion. That’s why they fucking call it a god damn compulsion. Go look up the damn definition my guy. Then look up serial. Then serial flasher. Then read get a damn degree in human behavior and anthropology. It’s not an assumption it’s called fucking studying human fucking beings.


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It’s not a horny thing. It’s like a weird compulsion thing. He’s a liability of being a sex offender. He probably has like no control over it. Will expose himself again. Now without any structure and a few million dollars. He has nothing holding him back from bad decisions. Could easily expose himself to a minor. Bam sex offender registration for life and no more career ever. He’s probably totally fucked.