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There’s still not evidence tying a rise in crime to bail reform and people’s opinions are almost exclusively influenced by the media they consume which has been on a non-stop campaign to reverse bail reform for years.

But yeah, let’s go back to the system that didn’t work for 40 years because you think this one didn’t work for what, 2?


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Less than they would by not replacing a car, purchasing a less flashy model, or maybe not IDLING THEIR ENGINES 24/7(?!)!) lol. Their fleet is huge and part of the problem of why you never see cops actually walking a beat.

Nowhere did I mention that EVs are better than gas engines. Reddit loves a strawman!


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Draining taxpayer money on toys.

Make them get the most boring uncool sedans imaginable. Make them wear goofy uniforms. Make them feel like the employees that they are, not some rogue army.


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We’re not “bringing them in”. They’re coming here or being shipped here. I’m arguing for building housing (a long term solution) and expanding shelters (a short term one.)

We don’t need to house these people indefinitely for free but it’s ridiculous to say we don’t have the resources to provide infrastructure to give them a landing place for a week or two while they figure out their final landing place. These people aren’t coming here expecting free room and board for life, they have a plan and then some asshole in Texas ships them here and they don’t know where they are or how to get where they wanted to go. We can give them a place to regroup and also work on having enough housing so that they can afford the rent if they want to stay, along with everyone else who wants to live here.

If you think that’s fantasyland then I’m not sure what kind of positive vision for the city you possibly have because it really isn’t that imaginative.


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most new yorkers didn’t start out their lives here.

building new housing as a general concept is explicitly about new people coming in. if no one were coming in, a housing shortage wouldn’t develop. building housing helps everyone. you can’t do it for some people without affecting others, i don’t even know how that would work.