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Here's a recent study showing no significant difference in high carb vs low carb for weight loss and body composition. In the study they note that the high carb group lost significant amounts of body mas, aswell as the low carb group. No significant differences were found when comparing the low carb group to high carb.

The deciding factor for weight loss?

Caloric deficit.


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Negative. Carbs are not essential. Muscle glycogen is needed for energy and can be formed via breaking down protein. These proteins can come from an exogenous source (protein shake) and don't have to come from breaking down muscle. You're right in saying that protein from muscle is broken down when glycogen stores are empty, but glycogen can be made from exogenous protein via a process known as glyconeogenesis.

As for low carb and weight loss, it's a great way to stay in a calorie deficit, but not essential for weight loss. Calories in vs calories out rules above everything regardless of your diet 😎