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Putin is quite popular in India. India and Russia enjoy excellent relationship (people to people level also) due to Brezhnev’s help with the war of 1971 and Stalin’s shipments of food grains in 1950s.

What is curious is that Indian right hates democrats (for obvious reasons) and that’s why relations with US deteriorated as soon as Biden took office. India was very close to US under Bush, Obama and Trump.


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They will tell you that there is never was a 'toilet situation' and any contrary statement will earn you the title of globalist-christian-islamist-communist mega plot to undermine Hindus and India.

Edit: To be fair, even thought I personally didn't see any, many media outlets have reported that there has been reduction in open defecation and improvement in sanitation since Modi came into power. Even if it is true, it would be unfair to rule out the role of increase in general prosperity as a driving force behind it.